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Orthokeratology – Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT)

Dr. Desai has taken advanced educational training and has passed rigorous testing to be awarded the Dreamlens and Paragon CRT certified Practitioner designation. The contacts allows you to see clearly during the day without glasses or contact lenses.dreamlogo

here’s how technology works:

  • Insert your custom-designed DreamLens, before going to sleep.

-Wake up, remove the lens, and enjoy excellent visual acuity and comfort all day long.

For more information on Corneal refractive therapy, call today to schedule your FREE CRT consultation.

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DreamLens May Be Particularly Valuable if You Are:quote1

  • Seeking a safe, temporary, less-expensive
    alternative to surgery
  • Working in an environment where glasses or contact lenses are not practical
  • Frequently active in sports or athletic events
  • Prone to allergies or experiencing dry eyes
    from contact lenses
  • Of a young age and beginning to develop


Common DreamLens FAQs

Is the DreamLens comfortable?

Not only is the Dreamlens made from a highly gas permeable material, but it’s worn while you sleep— eliminating lens discomfort caused by blinking. The result is unsurpassed comfort all day and night.

Is the DreamLens safe?

The Dreamlens has met the stringent requirement of the U.S. FDA as safe and effective for adults, as well as children.

How soon will I see results?

After the very first night of use, you will be able to see much clearer, achieving ideal uncorrected vision within one week. Cases may vary.

What happens if I stop wearing the DreamLens?

Since the cornea is elastic, it will gradually regain its shape, reversing the DreamLens results. For continued corrected vision, the DreamLens must be worn every night.

Does the DreamLens work for everyone?

The DreamLens was designed to correct nearsightedness and astigmatism. After your comprehensive eye examination, your eye care provider can tell if you are a candidate for the Dreamlens.

How do I take care of the DreamLens?

The DreamLens requires the same maintenance regimen as traditional contact lenses. Simply clean, disinfect and place them in the proper case.

How will I be fit for DreamLens?

Fitting begins with a comprehensive eye exam, including a special mapping instrument that measures the shape of your eye. This data is used to design a custom vision-shaping lens.